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Preston Home Extension Builder

Preston Home Extension, Kitchen, Dinning and Shower Room

House extensions are a great way to add extra living space to your home without moving house. Take a look at our latest project in Preston, Hull and our latest project on Hillsway close Hull

The cost of upgrading your existing house to a larger property usually costs more than a home extension would, so why move house to a new area, when an extension is a cost effective way of making the home you love have the space you need.

Extending the kitchen, master bedroom and family room are the most common room extensions. Those three rooms tend to be the most important to homeowners, because those are where they spend the majority of their time. If these rooms are on the outer edges of the house, it will be easier to knock down the existing wall and build a new one a few feet farther into the yard. You can use the same materials and colors that already exist in the room or add a completely different element by making the entire wall or windows instead. This is also a great opportunity to add a fireplace or other element to the room.

Before and After

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