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East Yorkshire Rear Extension

Before & After the Rear Home Extension.


Work undertaken by TOTAL IMPROVEMENTS LTD.
under the personal guidance of Wayne

duration : 9 weeks

site :
“St. Elphin,”
12 North Promenade,
East Riding

HU19 2DP

Work involved :
1) Removal of a back wall to the property ;
2) Building a completely new room with new roof ;
3) Extending and equipping the existing kitchen ;
4) An archway between old kitchen and new dining room ;
5) Removal of a long internal stone wall, including stone fireplace ; reinstatement ;
6) Re-roofing old kitchen ;
6) Building a very large brick-build Annexe, with apex tiled roof ;
7) New downstairs’ bathroom ;
8) Creating a very large paved Courtyard from scratch ; installing drainage etc.;
9) Extremely delicate removal and re-installation of huge glazed Panorama ; &
10)Re-modelled and re-roofed Porch

My professional Architect said I could rely on TOTAL and on Wayne.
Thank Goodness : I listened !

TOTAL could offer me a Mid-Summer slot : actually on-site, not going on and off…
and I really needed that commitment. I also needed a Builder who could work when I am off-site. Finally : a Builder who could effortlessly communicate with, and draw in:
carpenter/ tiler/ roofer/ labourer/ gardener/ brickie/ electrician/ plasterer / painter/ carpet-fitter…Building Inspector too!

The whole job was done quietly, promptly and efficiently – involving many Skips and Scaffolds on other people’s land!

Moreover, whatever was done : bricklaying / paving-stone laying / roofing / in-filling / shelving…was all done to an extremely high standard….and properly supervised.

Wayne will not be the cheapest…but he will be the best!

And the highest commendation I can give is that anyone is welcome at St. Elphin at any time to witness how it is!

Godfrey H. Holmes [ owner…and not a previous known person to Wayne or his colleagues ]



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